Who we are

SRKGC Retail India Private Limited are the preferred Marketeres of Campco Premium Chocolates, Gokul Vacuum fried snacks and RealMix premium energy drink. Our focus is "Customer First" and therefore we strive to understand the needs and wants of our customer base to be able to offer genuine products and services at an affordable price. SRKGC is a fast growing retail entity with its Distribution channels opened through Dealers, Value Added Retailers,Direct Sales team and so on. Our effort is to evaluate how our end-users buy, match end-user needs to a distribution strategy, select the best channel type and continuously find reliable distribution partners to manage our sales and deals. Our objective is to spread the product throughout the marketplace such that a large number of people can know it and buy it.

Quality Policy

The organization’s quality policy is as follows: "We, at SRKGC, are committed to providing wide range of healthy snacks, and natural beverage, which meet the requirements of our customers. We adhere to high standards with respect to quality service and supplies. We ensure on time delivery of all products to our customers across various geographical regions.

Customer Service

We believe in "You Win - We Win" concept. We take that extra mile in giving the best service to every single customer of SRKGC. We are proud to be listed as committed customer service providers and therefore we always welcome new and improved ways of customer support.
We are dedicated to serve you better and meet all your buying needs.
For order fulfillment inquiries (payment, delivery status), please contact:080-48511672.
We answer your queries at the earliest, please feel free reach us at info@srkgc.com.


SRKGC rated as a Top Service Provider in Food, Snacks & Beverage Distribution


Organized retail capability of SRKGC has created new channels for FMCG players through diverse retail formats such as departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialty stores. With organized retailing emerging in a major way across the country, the revenues of SRKGC is expected to surge by 2020.


Rural market: The new growth frontier. Rural India accounts for close to one-third of the total consumption pie. Robust consumption in the rural economy is one of the key drivers of India’s sustained growth. SRKGC has a vision to reach out to rural markets to expand the rural business opportunities and its consumer base. The study says that a large number of FMCG companies derive a significant proportion of their overall sales from outside the top few 100 towns/cities, which reflects the growing economic importance of India’s rural consumer base which is a perfect way to go.

SRKGC partnered with top manufacturers of Chocolates, Snacks and Beverage


SRKGC has associated with one of the best Manufacturers producing health conscious, chocolates snacks and beverage to be able to better serve the consumers. We at SRKGC, representing the best product portfolio understand the value of the increasing awareness of health and wellbeing. Therefore, the product selection is such that our philosophy aligns with the conscious health sentient of the today’s population. We are very excited to partner with Campco, Gokul and RealMix and very soon there would be many more positive additions to our product portfolio.


As young and rational partners our missions and goals create more opportunities for innovation across industry segments encouraging more and more Industries, manufacturers to join hands with us for bright and confident partnership programs. We strongly hope to bringing exemplary firms together to partner with us so that we can extend our services in the areas of health-giving, wholesome, nutritious, nourishing, beneficial food products. We look forward to a strong Distribution channel that can open many windows to establish sound network of demand and supply across urban and rural regions.

What the Future Holds


“Global Healthy Snack Food Market Research Report-Industry-Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast” says that the market overview, market size, growth trends and future prospects are sure to witness. The report incorporates the healthy snack food market analysis on the basis of product and geography. The report offers details about the drivers, restraints and growing opportunity in the industry. Since recently, worldwide Healthy Snack Food and Beverage Industries has been witnessing an uphill surge in its demand. These snacks are getting high attention due to organic nature, clean labeling, additives & preservatives free claim from the key manufacturers. Increasing health awareness, rising popularity of sports and growing concerns over obesity and related problems are expected to drive the demand of this market. In addition, expanding the portfolio of revolutionary products along with rising intake of healthy diets will further aid in the market growth in the near future.


In addition, it is found that longer working time for the entire families and rising number of women professionals have created preference of healthy snacking over the traditional meal. Consumers' growing willingness to experience the excellent taste and convenience snack is having a huge impact on product development area. Additionally, snacks and healthy drinks often play an emotional role, offering comfort during a boring or stressful day on the road or at the office. Growing demand for snacks as a solitary activity due to its portable and single serve is anticipated to fuel market demand in the forthcoming years. We are also addressing the key challenges related to Diabetic and Obese patients and health keen population by way of introducing sugar free Chocolates, Energy drinks to fulfill the needs of Diabetic and Obese section of people.